The Union

the unionThe Union by Gina Robinson is a definite page-turner.

Set in Gem, Idaho, in 1892, this book offers plenty of action and romance.

Private detective John Dietz is under cover, trying to work his way into the good graces of a mining union thug. After killing Ian McCullough in self-defense, Dietz travels on to Gem and assumes the man’s identity, attempting to infiltrate the miner’s union there. Ready for whatever action comes his way, the one thing he isn’t prepared for is to fall in love with McCullough’s beautiful fiancée.

Keely Byrne is loyal to the union and to her friends. After her brother was killed, she realizes each day is precious and can’t wait to meet her fiancée – a man she’s met only through his letters. When he arrives on her doorstep, he’s more than she ever imagined him to be. Never expecting to fall so deeply in love with the man, she begins to wonder if he really is who he claims to be.

Well-written and exciting, I will caution there are a few steamy scenes.

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