The Vigilante’s Bride

The Vigilante’s Bride by Yvonne Harris is  a well-written historical Christian romance.

Luke Sullivan finds himself serving on a vigilante committee and just can’t do it anymore. As they hang their last victim, Luke hears some startling news about his father and a man, Bart Axel, who stole everything from his family.

Deciding to seek some justice against  Axel, Luke “holds up” the stage carrying not only Axel’s money, but his fiancée. He takes the amount of money he feels would settle the score and decides to help out Axel’s intended by keeping her from meeting the dishonest, cruel man she is about to wed.

Emily McCarthy grew up in an orphan’s home. When  they needed the space of her room more than her help, they accept a mail-order proposal on her behalf and send her off to become the wife of Montana Rancher Bart Axel.

When the stage Emily is on is held up and she is kidnapped, she finds herself at a Montana orphanage where she is greeted with open arms. Unfortunately for her, so is her kidnapper.

This story is a great western with cattle rustling, cowboys and Indians, shootouts. It has it all and keeps the reader engaged and wanting to find out what happens next.

My only beef with the story is when the author is describing a bull then turns around and calls him a steer.

Other than that, a great read than any historical or western romance fan will thoroughly enjoy.

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