The Watch

The past few years, I’ve been trying to find a leather-band watch that I liked.

I didn’t want one of those with the snaps on band. I didn’t want one with too much bling.

I just wanted a western watch that had some sass and class.

Last year, I’d contacted someone about custom making a watch for me. The price made me gulp, but I really wanted the watch… but before the watch came into existence, the guy went out of business.

So, a few months ago, I was at a vendor event and happened upon a booth run by a very sweet gal.

She had several watches on display, but they all had the snap bands. I asked her about making one with a buckle, and she said to email her with some ideas.

I’m so glad I did because my watch – THE watch – arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with it.

watch done

And the price – was far below what I expected to pay!

If you’re looking for someone who does great work, check out the offerings from Jessica of Ranch Studio Artworks (and they are in Baker City – how fun is that!) !

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