The Well-Fed Bridegroom

A few weeks ago I found myself wandering around a book sale. It was raising funds for a good cause so of course I was more than willing to purchase a box full of gently used books to help do my part.

Amid the romances and be-a-better person books, I found a cookbook I had to buy. I didn’t care what was inside the book, it was the title that reeled me in – “The Well-Fed Bridegroom.”


Huh… as compared to the half-starved husband?


Published in 1957, by Margaret Williams, the book is chock-full of interesting tidbits of information.


Like this one… “The sure way to a man’s heart” surrounded by all sorts of tempting 1950s delectables.



The book starts out saying, “Aside from love, good food is the cornerstone of a happy household…”

I’m so glad someone finally told me!

Seriously, though, the cookbook really does have some useful information.

It begins with a general information section with some great kitchen tips like grease the pot in which you melt chocolate to keep it from sticking.

It also has a section of cooking terms, measurements, and descriptions of kitchen equipment. If you had never been in a kitchen before or attempted to cook, the information would be immensely helpful.

A section on menus and recipes puts entire meal menus together and offers step by step instructions on how to prepare each dish. A section in the back offers extra recipes where my interested seemed most drawn. That would be the section with all the dessert recipes, of course.

I have yet to make anything out o the cookbook. Maybe I will when I can stop being so entertained by the contents.

And if you ask that Captain Cavedweller of mine, please ignore him when he assures you that he is not a well-fed bridegroom.

She Who Does To Cook Her Husband Dinner… Sometimes

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