The Women of Tenacity – Updated

HOC-promo-3Some of you may have noticed I’ve been doing a little promo for Heart of Clay.

HOC-Promo-2I made a few tweaks to all three of the books in the series recently, so it seemed like a good time to remind people about The Women of Tenacity.

I also made all three of the books available (for the first time) in paperback.

Just for fun, here are the back covers…

HOC back coverHeart of Clay

CBvCG back coverCountry Boy vs. City Girl

(I think the Country Boy vs. City Girl back cover is my favorite!)

NHT back coverNot His Type

And because sometimes I just don’t know when to quit, I compiled all three books into one collection. You can get the boxed set in both digital and paperback formats!

The Women of Tenacity



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