The World in My Head

I was talking to a friend the other day about the worlds in our heads. She said her world is perfect and pleasant and all the things she thinks she got done are actually accomplished.

My world, while not perfect, is a calm place for me.

There are shades of pink and green with acres of blue sky. The weather, in my world, is always warm and sunny with a slight breeze.

Roses are always in bloom in my little world and the breeze stirs their scent and carries it to every corner of the world.

There are no calories in my world and you can eat all the chocolate and fresh bread dripping with butter without gaining a single pound.

I think, in my world, it is always a perfect summer afternoon, with sparkling water and big shade trees. Where being lazy is a great thing and time stands still. It is a place where only the people who play nice can enter and everyone is kind and pleasant to one another.

Maybe, someday, the imaginary world in my head will become a fictional world in one of my books. Of course, it will have to be a children’s book because I can’t see too many swashbuckling heroes who would want to save a pink sparkly planet that overflows with sappiness.

Then again, who knows…

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