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Today, I thought I’d share some of the visuals I used while writing Thimbles and Thistles.

alana_de_la_garza_2You’ve already met Maggie Dalton (the lovely Alana de la Garza). She’s independent, stubborn, spunky,  beautiful and lonely. Her husband died in a tragic mine accident a decade ago but Maggie struggles to move on. Resigned to remaining alone Ian stirs up feelings she’s determined to keep buried.


Hatfields & McCoysHandsome, hunky, fun-loving lumber mill owner Ian MacGregor (Matt Barr) has set all the girls in Baker City into a frenzy since his arrival two years ago. Rugged with just enough polish to be irresistible, the only woman who interests him is the one who pretends he doesn’t exist. Never one to give up on something he wants, Ian is resolved to winning Maggie’s heart.

landscape-thomas-kinkade-painting-cottage-river-ducks-bridge-trees-sunsetThis Thomas Kinkade painting is how I envision Ian’s “cottage” set back in the trees near the river beyond the edge of his lumber mill. I’d like to crawl right into that painting and spend some time in such a pretty place.


lumber wagonHere is Ian’s big ol’ lumber wagon.

targe - is a targe and one I used for inspiration when writing about Ian’s ancestral weapons.

tartanThe MacGregor tartans.



Since Maggie is a dressmaker, I always pictured her wearing beautiful clothes. (Even her riding outfits are snazzy).


thimbleAn antique thimble.

geiserThe hotel’s stained glass ceiling (this is the actual ceiling in the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City).

You can find more images on Pinterest here.

There’s also a few extra details on the character sheets for Ian and Maggie

And this is the song I listened to while writing their story:


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2 Responses

  1. I stumbled upon your series while doing my research to be the Historian at The Geiser Grand Hotel. My great Grandpa times 5 is S.B.McCord. I just bought the whole series for my mom for her birthday. Baker City is definitely a place to visit and The Geiser Grand Hotel is a must stay in my opinion of course

    1. Hi Kimberly! Oh, that is so neat S.B. McCord was your great-grandpa! And what a fun job! We love visiting Baker City and have even stayed at the Geiser Grand. Such a beautiful property! I hope your mom loves the books! Happy Birthday to her!

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