Thimbles and Thistles

Thimbles and Thistles CoverIf any of you enjoyed Crumpets and Cowpies (Baker City Brides, Book 1) and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the second book in the series, you can now pre-order it from Amazon!

Thimbles and Thistles is official available for pre-orders with the release date set for April 9!


Here is the book blurb:

Stubborn, mule-headed, independent woman!

She’d take that as a compliment…

Maggie Dalton has no need for a man in her life. Widowed more than ten years, she’s built a successful business and managed quite well on her own in the bustling town of Baker City, Oregon. Aggravated by her inability to block thoughts of the handsome lumber mill owner from her mind, she renews her determination to resist his attempts at friendship.

Full of Scottish charm and mischief, Ian MacGregor could claim any available woman in Baker City as his own, except the enchanting dress shop owner who continues to ignore him. Not one to give up on what he wants, Ian vows to win Maggie’s heart or leave the town he’s come to love.


Here’s a little snippet from the story:

“What brings you out here?” Ian followed as she walked between two rows of lumber and out into the open area where a fire heated his branding irons.

She ignored his question as she studied the brand he’d burned onto a pile of boards. “What on earth are you doing?”

Ian picked up one of the hot irons and burned his brand onto a board before setting it back in the fire. “Branding my wood. Not a single piece leaves the lumberyard until it bears my brand.”

Maggie leaned over to study the unusual brand. At the base, she could make out an “M” and a “G,” assumably for the name MacGregor. The top of the brand proved to be a puzzle to her. Five curved lines protruded from a perfectly round circle. The circle sat atop a thin, straight line with a curved line on each side of it before it ran down to connect the letters.

“What is that thing?” Maggie pointed to the top of the brand.

Ian grinned and rubbed a callused thumb over the wood he’d just seared with the hot iron. “That is a thistle. It’s an important symbol to us Scots and I liked the idea of using it in my brand.”

“A thistle? Like the purple flowers that bloom out in the hills?” Maggie again observed the strange symbol.

“Exactly like that.”

“And you stamp that on every board?”

“I do. You’ll notice it is also on my horses, my cattle, and if I ever take a wife, I might just brand it on her beautiful backsi…”

“I get the idea, Mr. MacGregor.” Maggie interrupted before he said something she would have to pretend she found offensive.

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