Things I Learned in the Last Month

Cup Of Hot Chocolate With A Double Chocolate Muffin

In the past month, I’ve learned several things.

Some of them I knew and chose to forget or ignore. Others were bits of new wisdom that trickled into my hard head.

In no particular order, here are the highlights:

1. Even though I think things need to be done a certain way, if they are done a different way, they still turn out just fine.

2. Everything does not have to meet my idea of “perfect” to still be absolutely wonderful. Captain Cavedweller and I spent a couple weeks fighting horrible chest colds right around Christmas. There were so many things I normally do in preparation of the holiday that just didn’t happen because I was just too sick to do them. And you know what? CC told me he had a great Christmas and couldn’t remember when we’d had one that was more relaxed and nice.

3. Saving things for “some special day” isn’t a good thing. CC has given me so many lovely things over the years. Many things I tuck away to “save” for something special. I don’t get any enjoyment out of them when they are tucked in the back of a drawer or cupboard. In fact, I’ve forgotten I even have a few things until I go on a cleaning spree and find them, lingering in the dark recesses of ignored space. Not only that, but CC has no idea if I love a particular item when he never sees me using it. This revelation came about from a candle. Years ago, there was a holiday candle fragrance I absolutely loved and the company quit making it. I bought the few remaining jar candles I could find. When I had only half of one candle left, I stuck it in the back of a cupboard and decided to save it for some “special” holiday occasion. While I was digging through my candles one day before Christmas I found it and decided to finally burn it. The thing is, after sitting all that time, the candle had largely lost the scent that I’d loved so much. Ironic, isn’t it? I decided right then and there to stop waiting for a special day to arrive and to instead treat each day like it’s special. Because it is.

4. Just because things don’t work out according to how I had planned, doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the experience. If I let go of my preconceived idea of how something should be and live in the moment, I get a lot more fun and enjoyment out of the experience.

5. I really need to work on getting out of my own way (and out of my own head), especially when it comes to my writing.

6. Gas station hot chocolate, when carefully and thoughtfully mixed with flavored creamers and who knows what else by CC, is really, really good.

7. I have the best husband ever. But wait, I already knew that one.

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