Thinking Spring

The other day I was talking to my most wonderful mother-in-law and we were lamenting the fact that it is cold and nasty and Mother Nature seems to have her calendar heading the wrong direction. Especially since it looks like a blizzard outside today.

As we were chatting, we started throwing out words that made is think of spring so I thought I’d share a few with you today. It certainly made me feel a little more cheery the other day.



Green Grass

Blue Sky

Warm Sunshine

Dust Motes on Sunbeams




Lemon Bars

Cherry Blossoms

The Scent of Loamy Dirt

Buds on Trees

Jump Ropes

Sidewalk Chalk

Malted Milk Eggs



The acid-smell of vinegar for coloring eggs

Shades of robin’s egg blue

The sound of the lawnmower as it chokes to life after a winter of rest


What words make you think of spring?

Please feel free to share some in the comments section!


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