Trent and Lindsay

As I mentioned last week, I started writing book two in the Grass Valley Cowboy’s series.

The story of Trent and Lindsay, The Cowboy’s Spring Romance, is coming together nicely. In the past nine days, I have written 48,000 words.

I came across this photo the other day and immediately knew I’d found Trent and Lindsay.

The descriptions I’d already written for the twosome went something like this: Lindsay has long, blond hair, a thinner face, peachy-toned skin and long eyelashes. Trent has dark, wavy hair, strong jaw and a killer smile that makes his eyes crinkle at the corners.

This picture is perfect! It is exactly like I pictured them in my head.

So, when you read the story and try to visualize what they look like – here it is!

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