Tulips Galore!

Recently, Captain Cavedweller surprised me with a little getaway to Portland, Oregon.
His timing was perfect to catch the tulip festival at the gorgeous grounds of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. We had no idea it was going on until we had dinner one evening with two of our favorite people (thanks, Brad and Brenda!). They suggested we go and I’m so glad they did.

We really had no idea what to expect, but the acres and acres of gorgeous tulips were beyond anything I imagined.

Striped Tulips

The place was hopping, even on a weekday morning, and due to heavy rains there was mud, mud, mud everywhere. But that didn’t seem to slow anybody down!
We wandered among the rows and rows of colorful blooms for almost two hours, snapping photos and admiring the beauty of one of my favorite spring flowers.

Some of the colors truly were stunning.

Of course, I had to take a photo of an old John Deere tractor in the middle of the field!

Funny story: I was snapping photos of tulips when a mom with three little ones in tow asked me if I would take a photo of them all together with her cell phone. Of course, I agreed and took the phone from her. She turned around just as the middle child (who couldn’t have been more than 3) fell in a huge mud puddle. He started to cry and the poor kid was completely covered in mud and water. She gets him upright and settled on a bench with her, the baby, and oldest child. I’m thinking to myself the photo is going to show three smiling faces and one wailing little guy, but just before I took the photo she told the kids to say “cheese!” Faster than you could blink, the tears stopped and that little rascal beamed the biggest, best smile. I couldn’t help but laugh!

It truly was such a lovely experience, I hope we’ll be able to go back again some day.
Are there lovely spring flowers blooming in your corner of the world right now?

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