Turkey Day Nostalgia

There is officially one week until Thanksgiving. How did it fly up on us so quickly?

Wasn’t it just a day or two ago that we were saying goodbye to summer. Oh, wait. It was  day or two ago when the ground was frosted and I was freezing and finally accepted the fact that summer had left me behind yet again.


Thanksgiving (and most major holidays) stirs up feelings of nostalgia in me that I can pretty much keep locked down the rest of the year.  Growing up, all holidays seemed so magical and wonderful. I mean how could a day be bad when you

1. Didn’t have to go to school

2. Got to eat all you wanted of lots of yummy things

3. Had cousins to play with

4. Got to watch parades on TV

5. Got to stay up late because you had a stomach ache from all those yummy things to eat

Thanksgiving at the farm was always a busy day. Mom would be up super early cooking. Dad would build a big fire and he and I would sit and watch the Macy’s parade on TV until Mom discovered other bodies were up and could be put to work. We would do a few chores, eat breakfast and then sneak back to watch the end of the parade.  If we were hosting the gathering, we’d all be pressed into helping out. There were tables to be set up, much food to be made, last minute cleaning to be done.  If one of my aunt’s was hosting, Mom would be in a flurry to get food ready, get us dressed and out the door.

I remember one Thanksgiving in particular was at my Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob’s house. This would be my aunt who made the most amazing Pumpkin Roll. She was one of the most gracious, sweet-spirited ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Anyway, I remember that turkey day just being fun and warm and happy as all the family gathered. My cousins on that side of the family are all older than me, so it was always great fun to be the youngest  – people tend to think you are much cuter than you are when you are the only little girl in sight.  As we packed up and walked out to the car, the softest snowflakes began to fall and I decided right then that there was something magical about Aunt Louise that made such a pretty snow fall.

Dad wasn’t nearly as excited about the snow since we had more than an hour’s drive ahead of us, but it was just one of those special days that sticks in your memory and in your heart. One you wish you could have again and again.

As you gather with family and friends Thanksgiving Day, I hope it brings you a sense of nostalgia, that you create new memories, and you’ll feel that magical sense of kinship that warms your heart.

She Who Is Wandering Down Memory Lane

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