Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Are you ready to party with the fifth annual Ultimate Blog Party?   This is my first year to participate, but it sure looks like fun.
Twin bloggers Susan and Janice, the masterminds behind 5 Minutes for Mom, are responsible for all the wonderful fun that takes place between April 1-April 8, 2011!
The Ultimate Blog Party is  the ultimate place to party and meet new friends. Any one interested in participating, can put a party post on their site, share a bit of who you are and what your site is about then add the URL to a linky list on the party site. How easy is that?
Check out all the great blogs – there are oodles to choose from and don’t forget to check out the prizes!

For details about me, go to my about Page for more info than you really wanted to know!

Happy Partying!

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