Unearthing History in the Most Unexpected Places

A while back, Captain Cavedweller and I made a last-minute trip to the Oregon coast.

One day, after eating far too much food from an amazing array of food trucks, we decided to wander around a little downtown area and window shop. Only when it comes to window shopping, I generally end up inside the store with a pile of things I can’t live without.

Anyway, I saw a florist shop – the kind that have all the cute displays of gift items and goodies in the window. Since it was the third (or maybe the fourth) one I’d stopped at, CC decided to walk across the street to a second-hand store.

I’d only made it about three feet past the door when he barreled inside the florist shop and tugged on my hand. “You need to come across the street.”

“For what?” I asked, distracted by a display of antique crystal baskets.  There was a pink one, calling my name as a perfect gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday.

“Books. They have a bunch of old books you’re going to want,” he said, clearly excited for me to go across the street right then.

Thinking there couldn’t possibly be more old books I’d want to drag home, I went with him. He led me over to a huge shelf holding stacks and stacks of vintage books.

“Oh, my,” I said, enthralled, then I started grabbing the ones I couldn’t live without off the shelf while CC held them.

We ended up with quite a pile of them.

These were the books I dragged home. They weighed approximately twenty pounds (give or take ten, depending on who was carrying them!).

I love, love, love Time-Life Books. The are full with fantastic historical details, incredible illustrations, and photos you just don’t find anywhere, even random online searches. I felt so fortunate to get an entire set of this series that spans decades from 1900-1970.

There were two books about The Civil War that had so much detail  like maps and historical photographs, I had to have them. You never know when I might want to write a romance set during the war.

I also got a book about ships.

If I ever decide to write about a pirate, I’m all set!


The book about American Horse-Drawn Vehicles is going to be used often.

With all the great illustrations and detailed information – this was a big score!


And this book was too fun to pass up. I love all the crazy, weird, wonderful inventions that came from the Victorians.

And it’s also full of unique photos that make me smile, like this stair climber that we’d call an escalator!

What about you? Do you ever find yourself collecting things, even when you least expect it?

I’m sure glad CC eyed those books and insisted I take a look at them!


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2 Responses

  1. I would love to read one or more stories about the Civil War.
    I am not really a collector except that I have begun collecting Christmas tree ornaments wherever we travel. I have so many my daughter-in-law joked that I will need a separate tree just for my travels.

    1. Hi Elaine!
      That is so fun about the ornaments. We do that sometimes too. They’re fun reminders of the places we’ve been.
      Have a beautiful day!

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