Valentine Bride Characters

Valentine Bride

I realized in my efforts to surprise you with the Valentine Bride, I failed to share a post with the visuals I used for the characters.

Without further ado…

dylan-bruno-5Meet Carson Ford!


dylan 2

Dylan Bruno was the perfect hunky hottie for Carson’s character.  From the story, we know Carson is brawny, sweet, caring, and somewhat clueless when it comes to manipulative women.

But he’s full of boyish charm with a smile that melts Fynlee’s heart.

Jessica Heap 2Jessica Heap was my choice for Fynlee Dale. From the freckles on her nose to her long, long hair, she really fit Fynlee’s character.

Jessica HeapShe’s got that wholesome appeal that caught Carson’s eye, a sweet smile.

And it isn’t hard to see how she turned his head.

The character that is turning out to be the star of the show is Miss Matilda “Tillie” Dale – Fynlee’s grandmother.

iris apfel.jpg

As soon as I saw a photo of Iris Apfel, I knew she made a perfect Grams. Iris is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon who is in her 90s. Isn’t she fun!

The moment I started creating the character of Matilda’s sidekick, Ruth, an image popped into my mind.

Betty White is the perfect Aunt Ruth, and such a great balance to Matilda’s character.

And for those who want to meet Dandy Rand – here he is. Actor Richard Harrison fits his character well.

For more of the images that inspired me while I wrote the story, check out the Pinterest board.

Did the images fit your vision of the characters?

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