Valentine Heart Cakes

In honor of today, here is a fun little cake recipe sure to make your sweetie smile.



Bake cake according to package directions. I baked mine in little heart-shape pans that are as old as the hills. You could make cupcake or even a layered cake if you choose. You could also bake a sheet cake and use a cookie cutter to cut out heart-shapes.


Mix together whipped cream cheese, raspberry jam and cream cheese frosting for the filling.


Split the cakes in half and add the filling.


Frost with cream cheese frosting, add some festive sprinkles and enjoy!


Valentine Heart Cakes

1 cake mix

1 container of whipped cream cheese

1 container of cream cheese frosting

1/2 cup raspberry jam


Bake cake according to package directions and let cool completely.

While it is cooling, mix together 1/2 cup whipped cream cheese, the raspberry jam and 1/3 cup of the frosting until well-blended.

Split cake(s) in half  and add a layer of filling before reassembling. Frost and decorate then watch your sweetie be surprised at this delicious little treat.

She Who Wishes Everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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