Valentine Party Ideas

Here’s a post I did in the past with Valentine Party Ideas… since the ideas are all still current, thought I’d share it again today!

Valentine’s Party Ideas

If you’re thinking about hosting a Valentine’s party, here are some easy tips to make your home look like the love bug has spun a magic little spell.

COLOR  – The three colors that scream Valentine’s Day and red, white and pink. The combination of the three leaves no doubt as to what holiday is being celebrated. You can use ribbons, crepe paper, balloons, streamers, cut-out hearts and fabric to set the scene for your event.

DECOR – There are a lot of easy and fun things you can do to add a pop of Valentine’s cheer to your home decor. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Add a red pillow to your couch or loveseat.
  • Mix reds with neutrals like beige, tan, cream, white or black for the biggest “Wow” factor.
  • Mix plain white serving pieces and dishes with a few red pieces for elegant flair.
  • Fill a white bowl with red candies, put red candles on a white plate or fill a glass container with red jelly beans or red hots for a fun accent.
  • Inexpensive fabric can be trimmed with pinking shears (to avoid fraying) and layered in a buffet setting to create a stunning  backdrop for your food.
  • Make a heart-shaped pillow and place on your bed. (Cut a heart pattern out of paper, trace onto felt, “stitch” with a satin ribbon, stuff and finish with a bow.)
  • Use red, white and pink candles for a festive touch.
  • Scatter fake rose petals around table tops or side pieces for a romantic flair.

INVITATIONS – Use a heart graphic or have your kids cut out and color hearts. You can also send Evites or electronic invitations to keep things simple.

FOOD – Have fun with the food you serve. You can cut bread into heart shapes with a cookie cutter or twist bread sticks into heart shapes. You can cut out meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit with heart-shape cookie cuttes to add fun accents to the meal. Italian is a good choice (think Lady and the Tramp) and something like spaghetti feeds a crowd easily. Add some heart-shaped bread and a salad with little heart-shaped pieces of cheese or cut out beets and you’ve got a fun meal. Finish it off with a decadent dessert or cupcakes frosted in red, white and pink.

She Who Really Likes this Holiday Color Scheme!

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