Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Each year about this time, I start to go into a mode of semi-panic trying to think of a special gift for  Captain Cavedweller, my beloved Hubby, He.

As I mentioned before Christmas, he is nearly impossible to shop for.  What to buy for a guy who’s main hobby is tormenting his wife, who is outdoorsy and extremely picky?

I did some researching online and I found a whole boatload of things not to buy him. Like the matching monogrammed pillowcases. The his and hers mugs. Satin boxers emblazoned with hearts. A heart-shaped key chain. Nope, those won’t do at all!

So here are some gifts my Hubby might actually appreciate… maybe, sort of. Oh, I surely hope so!

One of my favorite new places to shop (and play) online is Shutterfly. I made a book for my Dad for his 80th birthday and he was nearly beside himself excited about it. The quality is amazing and the design options are nearly limitless. Shipping time is a few quick days. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with this. What a great way to say I love you by creating a photo or memory book for your sweetheart. I may or may not have gotten completely sappy and made one for Hubby.

If your one true love is into puzzles, you can create a really awesome gift at Personalization Mall with a photo puzzle. There are many shapes, sizes and options available to customize your gift.

Links 2 Love has some really interesting and unique gift ideas. I thought this one was especially wonderful. It looks like a credit card but is a Frequent Kisser Reward Card that can be redeemed for one hug or kiss anytime. How sweet is that?

You know that old saying ” the way to a man’s heart of through his stomach?” I know several men, He included, who make that old saying accurate! This awesome cookie bouquet can be found at Valentine Cookie Recipes. I know one of Hubby’s favorite cookies are sugar cookies. They are easy to make and so very tasty. So whip up a batch for your honey, cut them in heart shapes and decorate.  Or write a sweet message on the cookie for your Valentine and watch his heart melt (after he has time to consider the message as he’s brushing off the crumbs of the cookie he consumed in 5.6 seconds).

Think about things he-who-makes-your-heart-pound would enjoy and I know you’ll find just the right gift!

Happy Valentine’s Gift Shopping!

She who is way too sappy

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