Valentine’s Day with my Sweetheart

Today, I’m tripping down memory lane, thinking about the first Valentine’s Day I spent with Captain Cavedweller.

We met the day after Christmas, so we hadn’t been dating all that long. In fact, our second date was New Year’s Eve then he left to go back to college nine hours away. Only, he ended up transferring two weeks into the semester and moved back to the area.


So by Valentine’s Day, we’d gone out a handful of times. I didn’t have really high expectations for any grand romantic gesture that day, although he stepped up to the plate and made the day special. I can remember most of the details, but thanks to the fact that I am an incurable romantic and probably had nothing better to do than document in scrapbook form every spectacular experience of falling in love with CC the entire year we dated, I found the entry for Valentine’s Day with dried roses attached to the page along with the card sent from the florist.

The card was simply signed “from me.”

Not that I had a long line of admirers who were sending me flowers, but I teased CC for quite a while about signing the card “from me.” The receptionist where I worked (who was always a dear friend) carried the bouquet back to my desk grinning broadly and practically dancing a jig, wanting to know if the flowers were from the cute boy I’d recently started dating. I showed her the card, shrugged, and said “maybe.” And while I was playing nonchalant on the outside, I was beyond excited at the thought the flowers were from CC.

That evening, the receptionist had invited us and a few other couples over for dinner. When CC came to pick me up so we could go to dinner, he handed me a single rose with a sweet smile. If I hadn’t already been goofy in love with him by then, that second rose, hand-delivered would have clinched the deal.

Wishing you a special, love-filled day – from my Valentine and me!

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