Valentine’s Day

I realize Valentine’s Day came and went a full week ago.

But things have been a bit busy … and hectic … and crazy.

The animals next door and in our yard have apparently been imbibing in some sort of act-like-a-lunatic juice.

Anyway, I just had to share the lovely, lovely things my very own Captain Cavedweller spoiled me with for Valentine’s Day.

He started the Saturday before with  a dozen red roses and one of my favorite magazines.

Valentine’s morning he gave me a gift-wrapped little box containing a sweet paper weight for my new office (I moved offices a two weeks ago and am enamored with my new space!).


Then on Valentine’s Day, these delicious chocolates were delivered to my office.


Along with these beautiful roses. I can’t tell you how much I love the color!

And if my heart wasn’t already in a melted puddling state by the time I got home, he finished me off with this Floating Hearts Bowl from Lenox.

Which you will note matches the vase he gave me for Christmas.

It is any wonder I like my Hubby – a whole bunch?

I didn’t think so…

She who is spoiled and likes it that way!


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