The other day when I was home sick, I wasn’t sure exactly what was making me feel ill, so I decided to go to one of those handy-dandy websites that let’s you type in your symptoms and brings up a list of possible “conditions” most commonly associated to the symptoms.

By the time said list of possible causes popped up on the screen, I was all ready to find the problem, get it fixed and return to normal.

It would seem I’ve got some major health issues.

According to the list of probable causes, I could have a brain tumor, vertigo, bleeding ulcer, anemia, anxiety, chronic sinusitis. And those were just the ones at the top of the list!

My palms grew clammy, I felt my fever spike, the screen began to swim before my very eyes. I decided I better get my affairs in order and bid Hubby and the cat goodbye. I’m a goner.

Then I threw caution to the wind and went with a description that I decided fit the best  –  hypochondria. Yep, that could most definitely be the problem.





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