Waffle Cone S’mores

In my soon to release sweet small-town romance Protecting the Princess, Parker, the hero, cooks dinner over a campfire in one scene. He even makes dessert, which is warm, gooey smores made in waffle cones over the open fire.

You don’t need a campfire to create this delicious treat. Just heat them in the oven and enjoy!

Yum! Doesn’t it look so good!

The ingredients are simple: waffle cones, mini chocolate bars, and mini marshmallows.


These snack bags of marshmallows worked perfectly because one bag filled one cone.

Layer marshmallows and chocolate in the cone.


It’s a good idea to give your foil a shot of non-stick spray before wrapping it around the  cone. The easiest way is to hold the cone upright and wrap foil from the bottom up.

Bake for about eight minutes, turning once. Remove and let cool just long enough to be able to remove the foil.


Then enjoy all that wonderful warm chocolate and oozy marshmallow deliciousness!

Waffle Cone S’mores


waffle cones

mini marshmallows

mini chocolate bars


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spray foil with non-stick spray, set aside.

Fill each waffle cone with marshmallows and mini chocolate bars (or you could use chocolate chips). Layer the ingredients inside the cone. Wrap each cone in foil, place on a baking sheet, and bake for about eight minutes. Using tongs, carefully turn each cone at least once while it’s baking. Remove from oven, cool slightly, but serve while the chocolate and marshmallows are still are gooey and warm.

OPTION: You could also add caramel bits, toffee bits, mint chocolate pieces, coconut, or chopped nuts to the cones.

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  1. That is a fun idea. Nice to be able to enjoy s’mores any time and not have to start a campfire. Thank you for the idea.

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