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Magdalena boxed set

Please give a warm welcome to my awesome friend Magdalena Scott!

Thank you so much, Shanna, for hosting me here today. It’s always a treat to hang out with you online!


I’m thrilled that this is release day for the Return to Legend boxed set, which is available at all e-book retailers. Legend, Tennessee is a fictional town created by Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, Janet Eaves, and myself. We’ve written dozens of novels and novellas set in Legend. Some are sweet, some sensual. All the novellas in Return to Legend are sweet.


Here’s how our series started: One day the four of us were hanging out online (sound familiar?) and someone threw out the writing prompt of naming a character with a first name the same as your first pet, and a last name the same as the street you lived on as a child.


Mine was Midnight Shelby.

Next…what would the character look like? My cat Midnight was black and silky of course. I decided Midnight Shelby was tall and slender with long black hair. Her father was American Indian, and her mother was Irish.

What is the character’s job or career? Midnight would run a store that sold local arts and crafts. The store would be named The Emporium.

You can see this was a fun exercise. It didn’t take long for us to create our heroes, and start writing the stories. What would we name our town? Janet had a big map above her desk, and she looked in the corner and saw the word “legend.” What a great name! And two of the girls know Tennessee, so we put Legend there, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Not really, of course. Legend only lives in the hearts and minds of the authors…and the readers. The very best compliment I’ve heard from readers is that they want to move to Legend.

I hope they’ll want to Return to Legend now, as four characters from the past come back to the little town to find their future.


Here’s the blurb:

Before life-long Legendarian, Addie Bynum, dies, she knows she had some loose ends to tie up. So she bequeaths some of her worldly possessions to four special people, bringing them all back to Legend.

Crossroads by Janet Eaves

Sharon Clark vows there is no way she will ever return to Legend, Tennessee. But desperation has a way of changing everything….

Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough

When Jeremy Hamilton’s aunt Addie gives him a second chance, he must decide if he believes in the unbelievable and the pet psychic who teaches him about faith…and love.

Second Chances by Magdalena Scott

Anne McClain Bradley returns to her small town roots, while Pete Garrity is looking for a fresh start. Second chances. Sometimes the hardest part is believing they exist.

Star-Crossed by Maddie James

When Jasmine Walker returns to Legend after a fifteen-year absence, she doesn’t expect her troubled teenage past to collide with her well-planned, professional future.

Can they all Return to Legend, and with Ms. Addie’s help, finally find love and happiness?

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The 99 cent sale ends this week, so snap yours up now. We look forward to seeing you in Legend, Tennessee. The sweet tea is on the porch!

Mags_2 Magdalena Scott

“Try a romance novel on…for sighs!”

My website: www.magdalenascott.com


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