Western Quilt Block

Women Writing the West, one of the writing groups to which I belong, is putting together a quilt to be auctioned off at the annual conference this fall.

In a momentary lapse of good sense, I volunteered to make a quilt block.

For all of you experienced quilters out there, please pretend you never saw this blog post and try not to laugh until you cry at my pathetic attempts.

That being said, here is the block I made.

Quilt Block finished

I wanted a block that spoke of the west and if it somehow tied into my Pendleton Petticoats series, even better.

quilt block focus fabric

Each of us making a quilt block received a piece of focus fabric we were to use somewhere in the block, so there would be one fabric pattern that tied all the blocks together, despite their diversity.

quilt block wheat fabric

Scrounging in my fabric scraps, I came up with some pieces that not only made me think of Pendleton, but worked well with the fabric. I was thrilled to find this piece with wheat. What could be more Pendleton than wheat (unless maybe it was vintage cowboys).

quilt block gradient pieceI liked the colors in this piece that graduated from brown to magenta.

quilt block brown piecesAnd the dark brown of these two pieces made a nice contrast to the cream background.

quilt block diagram

Unable to find a design I liked, I got out a pen and paper and made a design that puts me in mind of Pendleton Woolen Mills blankets.

quilt block pinning final

As I said before, I have no skill or talent for this sort of thing.

quilt block 2But it was kind of fun.

quilt block 1

And I hope the block adds a little something to the quilt.


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