Western Style

The other day I received a catalog in the mail that seriously made me laugh.

It claimed to be the number one source of western fashion. I’ll admit it had a really nice cover.

But then I looked inside.

And laughed.

Then laughed some more.

I grew up in the country around ranch and farm women. I know a lot of country girls and I don’t think a single one of them would be caught dead or alive wearing…

western fashion feather boot topsFeather boot toppers.

It looks like something crawled in their boots and died there.

western fashion fanny packHow about a “fashion” fanny pack that slips right on your belt?

western fashion denim gauchosDenim gauchos, anyone?

I’m sure it’s what all the best-dressed cowgirls will be wearing this fall… or not.

western fashion purple mocsMaybe some bright purple moccasins. With fringe. And silver conchos.

western fashion tshirt

Or beaded and fringed T-shirts.

western fashion fur vestAnd my personal favorite – a faux fur vest that looks like you found some good road kill.

If you’re looking for “western” fashion, I think you might want to look elsewhere.

She Who Won’t Be Wearing Any of the Above – Ever

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