What I Didn’t Say

what I didn't say

What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor is a great book for anyone who enjoys YA fiction.

Jake Hayes is a senior who thinks he’s got the world by a string. The only thing that could make life even better would be working up the courage to tell Samantha Shay how he feels about her.

Getting drunk after a football game with two best friends, they decide to go see Samantha and end up in a terrible accident that leaves Jake unable to talk ever again.

His biggest regret is not telling Samantha how he feels when he had the chance.

Samantha has plenty of her own problems as she tries to hide a terrible secret, maintain her good grades and keep her head above the swirling waters of her senior year.

The characters in this book, although plagued at times by their bad choices, will work their way into your hearts and linger in your thoughts long after you’ve read the last word.

This is a book I would encourage all teens to read. It gives a great perspective from a teen point of view while teaching some valuable life lessons.

At a great price for the Kindle edition, there’s no reason not to give this book a chance.


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