What, When, Why

Last week, I wrote about the who and the where of my first novel.

Some other important details include the What, When and Why.

The What: As in what is the storyline? The story follows Clay and Callan, a mid-30s couple, who have fallen out of love and aren’t even sure they like each other anymore. Clay discovers Callan has kept a secret from him that drastically alters life for them both. There is tragedy and heartache, but also some lighthearted fun. And I couldn’t keep from throwing a bit of my bizarre sense of humor in there as well.

The When: modern day. These could be your neighbors down the street. I wanted to keep the characters real.

The Why: This is a hard one – why did I choose these characters, in this place in their life? Because I know them so well. They have been speaking to my heart for years, and I finally sat down and listened.

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