What’s for Dinner?

Do you ever get asked that question?

“What’s for dinner?”

“What are we eating tonight?”

“I’m starving, what are you making?”

That’s when I may or may not sometimes get a bit ornery and reply with “I don’t know, what are YOU making?”

But if you aren’t like me and you have little people in your house who are truly eager to know what they will soon be eating, one fun way to keep them in the know is with a chalkboard or memo board.

If you plan out your menu a week at a time, this is an especially helpful tool.

You can write on the board the day of the week and what meal is planned, that way everyone knows what to expect. You could also have some fun with it and write a big question mark and ask for volunteers to prepare the meal. You might be surprised what budding young chefs can come up with.

A memo board is also a great tool to have for parties. Whether you are having a more formal affair or a casual gathering, your guests appreciate knowing what they are eating. Some of them might even start drooling once they see what will soon be on their plates, tantalizing their tastebuds.

You can find chalkboards at office supply and craft supply stores or chalkboard paint at any home supply store. You can also find memo boards here.

Happy Entertaining!


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