Where Do They Live

Living in the Northwest, it seemed natural to have the setting for my first novel be somewhere in the Northwest as well.

Where, exactly, took a bit more time to figure out. I knew the hometown in the story needed to be within driving distance of a big city. It had to have a small town atmosphere. It needed to be somewhere there were changing seasons. Somewhere with rural roots, yet also a place of progress and growth.

So I did what any creative and desperate person would do and made up a town. A town named Tenacity. If it were a real town and on a map, you’d find Tenacity, Oregon, located just an hour southeast of Portland.

I realize the name is a little off the beaten path, but when I finally decided on Tenacity I knew it was perfect.

The perfection comes not from the town, but from the characters who live and work there. The characters in my stories. I’m excited for you to meet them soon. They are tenacious, stubborn, and determined. Especially the women. Most especially the women.

Which is why half-way through writing my first novel, I knew I would write two more stories set in this community. So it seemed only right to call the series The Women of Tenacity.

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