Where the Lilies Bloom

Last fall, Captain Cavedweller bought me several lily bulbs. We dug holes and planted them and then I promptly forgot about their existence.

With my backyard a barren wasteland, I’ve sort of tuned out all things growing around my house until we can get everything whipped back into shape.

But the other day I happened to glance into the front flower bed and came to an abrupt halt. It’s where the lilies bloomed. In profusion. In lovely, stately shades of color. In splendor, despite the month-long disruption by back hoes and dirt and trucks full of gravel.

They bloomed.

They thrived.

They reminded me that a little thing like our backyard disaster doesn’t mean the world stops spinning. Life continues and so does the growing season.

They reminded me to slow down and take notice of the beauty around me. To make time to enjoy the little miracles that blossom daily if I just open my eyes to see them.

And to thank Captain Cavedweller for bringing so many wonderful things into my life. Like a  lovely and unexpected lily’s bloom.

She Who Loves These Flowers and Her Captain

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