Where the Wind Blows

I just finished reading Where the Wind Blows by Caroline Fyffe.

Her debut novel is well-worth the read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be checking into her other novels.

Since it falls into my favorite genre of historic romance, I couldn’t quite help myself when I saw it was available for a free Kindle download. You never know what to expect with some of the freebies you get, but I was hooked from the beginning.

The novel tells the story of Chase Logan, a good man who just can’t quite let himself set down any roots, and Jessie Strong, a young woman with a sad past, doing the best she can. Chase meets Jessie when he shows up at her door to give her the news that her husband passed away. Thinking he’ll deliver the news and continue on down the road, he ends up staying and losing his heart to the sweet and caring woman.

Readers who enjoy westerns and love stories will got lost in the story of Jessie and Chase. You might even find yourself unable to put it down as you keep turning pages to find out what happens next.

I wonderful read, I highly recommend it.

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