White Out Party

Here’s the scoop – there are three camps that set up right after Labor Day. One that insists all white be put away until summer, one that thinks white should be worn year-round, and the third camp that really doesn’t care either way.

Growing up, my mom was a card-carrying member of camp no-white-after-Labor-Day. We wouldn’t dream of wearing white in September.

As I sit in my office with the air-conditioner running looking outside at sunshine and blue skies, it seems kind of silly to pack up all the white stuff just yet.

One fun way to celebrate white (whether you intend to pack it all up soon or not) is to host a White Out Party.

Your invitations, decorations, serving pieces – should all be white.

Encourage guests to wear white as well.

The only color will be the bright bursts coming from your food.

How fun would that be?

You could use white sheets to cover chairs, tables, etc. Use a mixed and eclectic assortment of white and clear glass dishes. The pieces don’t need to match, just be of the white or cream family.

Use white hydrangeas or other white flowers for a centerpiece.

Dip pretzels in white chocolate and package in little clear plastic snack bags, tie with a white ribbon and send home with each guest.

Just imagine how beautiful an all white table would like with one of the amazing sunsets that happen this time of year as a backdrop? So pull out your favorite white outfit and plan one last white hooray before fall settles in.

She Who Is In Camp White Out

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