Who Are These People

After obsessing over my first chapter of my first novel, I knew I needed more than Clay and his wife Callan (her name took a while to come to me) as characters in the story.

They needed friends and family. There needed to be antagonists and foes. Somewhere in there a child or two needed to appear.

Then came the task of figuring out who are these people? What do they mean to the story? To the main characters?

Some of the characters I had a lot of fun creating. A few of my favorites include Callan’s dad and younger brother as well as Clay’s young cousin.

Other characters are meant to not be liked such as Callan’s boss.

Then there are those characters meant to be loved like Callan’s two little nieces.

When they are all mixed into the plot, sprinkled with dialogue and given a sense of purpose toward the end result, it is amazing to me that it all works. But somehow it does, the story flows and all is right in my world.

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