Windows of Opportunity


Our cat Maizy is quite good at going places she really shouldn’t. She figured out how to open the patio screen door by herself and we would find her inside the house (where she isn’t supposed to be) in the most interesting places.

A few weeks ago when we removed our window air conditioner, it took her all of 10.3 seconds to discover an open, unattended window. It took her approximately .3 seconds to decide to jump right through the window of opportunity. We might not have found her inside the house for goodness knows how long if she hadn’t left muddy footprints on the window  edge and across the kitchen counter.

Unlike Maizy, I’m not very good at jumping through windows of opportunity. I like to think things through, look at possible outcomes, weigh pros and cons and then decide if I’m going to jump through or not.  Sometimes by the time I decide to jump, the window may have closed and the opportunity is lost.

I think I could be more like our misbehaved cat. Once in a while it might be a good thing to just jump through that window and see what happens next instead of cautiously thinking about jumping, dreaming about jumping, wishing I could jump and then finally deciding to jump. A lot of the time I feel like all I’ve done is slowed down the journey since I’m taking the same path that I would have taken if I’d just jumped without giving it too much thought.

So here is to the window jumpers. May today be filled with rich and wonderful opportunities!

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