Winter Wonderland Romance Characters

Today, I thought it would be fun to share the inspiration behind the characters from Winter Wonderland Romance.

Alex and Olivia are so different, yet so right for each other. It just takes them a bit to realize it.

When I was thinking about Alex and his character, I wanted someone with a lean look to them, a little battle weary by life.

Oddly enough, my character inspiration for Alex is also named Alex. Alex Pettyfer just checked all the boxes for what I was looking for in a visual representation of Alex James, our wounded Veteran who is battling PTSD and in need of an escape from his suffocating family. He’s a good man, but he just needs the time and space to sort things out.

So Alex comes to Pinehill with his faithful companion, Dude the dog.

Don’t ask why or where I decided on the name Dude. Call it a crazy, inspired moment!

This playful, beautiful Golden Retriever is how I picture Dude. He’s a sweet dog full of fun, but when Alex needs him, Dude is right beside him. And the same is true for Dude. When he needs Alex, he’s there for him. In fact, Dude needing emergency medical attention is how Alex and Olivia meet.

There isn’t a veterinarian in Pinehill, so when Dude gets into some garbage and chokes on a chicken bone, Alex races to the medical clinic in town.

Of course, Olivia, being the big-hearted person she is, can’t turn them away.

When I was thinking about Olivia, I wanted someone who was beautiful, but had a sweetness to them.

I knew Yvonne Strahovski was just perfect for Olivia when I happened upon this image. Olivia is lovely, kind, gentle, caring, and has her own battle scars from life.

Together, she and Alex find a way to heal, and to open their hearts to love.

If you haven’t yet read the book, I hope you’ll check out Winter Wonderland Romance!

See more of the visuals that helped inspire the story on my Pinterest Board.


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4 Responses

  1. Wow, these characters are spot on! Do you look at people then build the character or do you build what you want then look for the person? I loved this story and all the ones before this!

    1. A little of both, but for this book, I was looking for characters to match the couple on the cover. These two seemed so perfect! Thank you so much! <3

  2. I have read all but this one in the series which I can’t wait to start! I can never stay with my last “favorite” because the next one always becomes THE one and so it goes. 😜

    1. So glad you are enjoying them, Barbara! Thank you so much for reading them! Hope you love meeting Alex and Olivia!

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