Wish it Was Spring Party Theme


If you and your friends are like me and my friends, we are so ready for spring!

Gather them together for a fun “Wish it Was Spring” themed party.

This party theme is super simple, but will bring you and those gathered around your table much joy and it just might be the thing needed to get you through until spring arrives!

Create a colorful invitation and send to your friends. You could do this via email, in person or snail mail. If you email the invite, there are hundreds of colorful choices at evites.com (and it is FREE!).

Cover the table with a bright colored table cloth – something pink, fuschia, yellow and green would fit the bill. If you don’t have a bright table covering, go for a neutral and use bright colored dishes. I’ve got some apple-green pieces that just scream “springtime.” You could also use a piece cloth from the fabric store or pick up an inexpensive sheet at a store like Walmart.

Create some springtime fun around the table by tying flatware and napkins in a bundle with raffia twine and tucking in a packet of seeds. Yes, they are out in the stores already! You can also create a fun centerpiece with a terra cotta planter, garden gloves, some garden tools and seeds. Have a garden-themed guessing game and let the winner take home the centerpiece.


Another centerpiece option would be a simple vase of tulips. They are available in stores now as well. You could also float individual tulip stems in little bowls or dishes at each place setting.

Keep your menu really simple. A huge green salad filled with fresh veggies and grilled chicken is a wonderful meal when accompanied by a loaf of crusty warm bread. Finish the meal with a citrus or berry dessert, like lemon or raspberry bars.

To keep the conversation spring-focused, have your guests share a favorite spring memory or what is the first sign of spring for them or what one thing they enjoy most about spring. Share gardening tips or planting ideas.

Sit back, enjoy the companionship and give a bit of spring-like refreshment to your spirit!

Happy Entertaining!

From She who longs for Spring

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