With Age Comes Wisdom

Saturday was my birthday.

In addition to marking up another year, I am coming to realize the most important thing about birthdays is that it gives us another opportunity to start over. To begin anew. A New Year’s of sorts that belongs just to us.

And instead of feeling older this year, I am actually feeling younger.

My mother-in-law has been known to tell me I was born old. I wouldn’t argue with her. It used to be true.

But the older I get and the more I learn and the less I realize I know, the younger I seem to feel.

And that feels pretty good.

As a writer, I think that translates into some thoughts and feelings that help me give my characters depth, make them realistic and provide me with a place where I can connect with them.

Everyone, fictional characters included, has a birthday. It’s what we do with it after the cake is eaten, the balloons are popped and the presents are all opened that matters. We’ve got 364 more days to learn, to grow, to change and become a better version of ourselves before we have the opportunity to do take stock and do it all again.

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