Women on Target

Captain Cavedweller’s wonderful mother came for the weekend.

Our way of celebrating Mother’s Day is for the two of us to go to a shooting class the local gun club puts on through the NRA.

No tea parties with big hats and buttery scones for the two of us.


We have semi-automatic weapons, the smell of gun powder and the need to blast bullets into a tiny little target.

Last year was the first year we took the Women on Target class and Cherry, CC’s mom, loved it so much I asked her if she wanted to do it again this year. She enthusiastically replied yes.

So she drove several hours just to spend the weekend with us.  CC was working Saturday which left us girls to go to the class and hang out all day. It was awesome.

Getting up bright and early, we both were excited about going to the class where we got to shoot no less than 20 different types of guns.

After shooting one 22 rifle, Cherry decided she was going home and buying one. She loved it.

My favorite part is the shotgun area where we got to blast clay pigeons out of the air. I really want my own shotgun and the ability to shoot these in my backyard. Yep. That’s what I’m holding out for.

Whether you like guns, fears guns or don’t know a thing about guns, I highly recommend this class for any woman. It’s a great time of sisterhood as well as a fantastic way to learn about guns, safe handling and just have some good old-fashioned fun.

Thanks to our local gun club for sponsoring the event and making us all feel so welcome!

She who Had a Fabulous Time

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