Word for 2024

I’m one of those people who picks a word for each year. I wouldn’t call it a theme, exactly, but just a word that speaks to my heart. Those words help give me direction. Keep me focused on something that is important to me.

Last year, my word was gratitude.

Choosing gratitude as my word really helped me focus on choosing gratitude as my attitude. I came to see gratitude as a very precious gift. One we receive every day. It’s up to us to unwrap that gift and use it. I hope I continued to use that gift daily!

CC and I were flying to Tennessee when I closed my eyes on the plane and thought about what word I wanted to focus on this year. The one that popped into my thoughts was Savor.

I knew as I let the word sink into my thoughts, it was perfect.

So that’s my word for 2024.


Not as in eating my meals slower and getting more enjoyment from each bite (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea).

I’m talking about savoring life and not rushing through it.

Our 2023 was hectic, rushed, chaotic, and life threw plenty of curveballs our way. I felt like there were days (months) when I just rushed from one thing to the next to the next, trying to get as much done as humanly possible without taking time to Savor any moments.

That’s not how I want this year to go.

It’s not how I want to live my life.

I want to take time to be present in each moment. To be grateful for each moment. To Savor each moment as it comes without racing off to the next thing.

May we all Savor the blessing 2024 will bring!

Here’s to an amazing new year!

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9 Responses

  1. What a beautiful word you have chosen! My life has been chaotic since October so I haven’t even thought to come up for a word for myself. I will give that some thought today.

    1. I hope life slows down and you have time to savor many special moments this year, Barbara! Hugs and love!

  2. I like that word “Savor” it reminds of being in the moment and enjoying the present instead of worry about the future, after all I know that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is in control. I think I’ll adopt your word for my year as well, to enjoy making memories with my family and be in the present.

  3. May I borrow your word? It fits so well in my life.
    Tomorrow, Jan. 16, is my birthday. I will be 9 years old.
    It simply amazes me. I understand 90 by my concept of people in my past who were 70/80 years old. However, I don’t fit that concept today. Tue my body has a good handle on it but my mind is too busy to think like it. I feel so blessed with the life I have had—good times and tough times. My mind is still going full steam ahead learning and applying new things every day. I am so very thankful and SAVOR every day I have. Thank you for adding pleasure to my life with your books. My Kindle contains 2/3 +/- of all of your books and I’m but that’s okay because I will just go back and start over. Nevertheless less -keep writing!

    1. Hi Barbara!
      You may certainly borrow my word. And happy birthday to you! Ninety years is amazing and I love that you count your blessings!
      Thank you for reading my books and being so kind! I will definitely keep writing.
      Wishing you joy for the year ahead, health and happiness too.
      Happy, happy birthday and happy new year. May you savor every moment!

  4. Great choice! I chose peace as my word this year. After too many life changes last year, I need to settle into my new norm and accept those changes in my heart. So my goal is to accept that this is my new norm and see the good in it!

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