Rachel Rossano has once again turned her talent for writing into an engaging tale I could not put down.

Wren (A Romany Epistle Novel) is, in my humble opinion, her best work yet.

Here is the book description:

Wren Romany is as unconventional as they come. Born to a large, devout family and then forced out to fend on her own, she earns her living as a bounty hunter. As her second winter alone looms, she decides to stay in one place for the season. Seeking shelter, she offers her hunting skills in exchange.

Tourth Mynth, the master of the ruined fortress in the valley, needs help. His small household faces a hard winter. As son of a disenfranchised noble, he has plenty of space beneath his roof, but not much to eat. Wren’s offer seems a good fit.

Wren soon learns the residents of Iselyn need more than simply meat on their table. The valley’s residents squirm beneath a harsh master. Unsolved murder and betrayal lurk in the Mynths’ not so distant past. And Tourth’s battle with his emotional scars from the recent civil war will determine the fate of the whole valley.

From the first page, I was drawn into the story and to Wren’s character. She’s strong, smart, and independent, yet she  is also vulnerable and so very real.

Tourth was likeable and realistic, although a few times I wanted to reach into the book and slap him upside the head. (That speaks to the author’s abilities to evoke my emotions and keep me entangled in her wonderful story.)

Rachel kept the story line moving along at a rapid clip, drawing the reader along seamlessly for a wonderful adventure.

If you like a good medieval tale, and prefer a “clean” piece of fiction,  you’ll love this book.

I highly recommend it.

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