Wrestlin’ Christmas extras

Wrestlin' Christmas
Wrestlin’ Christmas

I thought you might like to see some of the visuals I used while writing Wrestlin’ Christmas and get a few more details…

Meet Cort McGraw –

Colin Wayne in old pickupColin Wayne is exactly how I picture Cort.

Colin Wayne polo shirt


Colin in button downTo perfection.

Colin Wayne with shirt

I could write an entire blog about Colin, but I encourage you to go to his website and read his story. He’s a veteran, a fitness model, and a proud papa.

Colin Wayne1

And incredibly handsome.  Did I mention that part?

(Take a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard before continuing)

For the part of Kaley (K.C.) Peters, I knew I’d found just the right character when I saw Kathleen Munroe’s photo.

Kathleen Munroe4She’s beautiful and those eyes are just incredible!

KathleenSad and despondent is how I picture Kaley when she first meets Cort.


kathleen munroeThen he starts to break past the barrier she’s set up around her heart and she realizes not all men are alike and Cort is, in fact, very special.

Kathleen Munroe smilingThis is how I picture Kaley once she learns to let go of her fears and appreciate herself.

It took me all of five seconds to decide Brody Rose perfectly fit the picture in my head of Jacob, Kaley’s son.

Brody RoseThis little guy just yanks and tugs at my heartstrings.

Oh, my goodness. Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this kid.

As for the other characters…


kellan lutzKellan Lutz is how I envision the handsome, charming Tate Morgan.

kenzie 3Daniela Ruah is the spot-on Kenzie Beckett- gorgeous, smart and sassy!

There are a bunch of fun pins on the Wrestlin’ Christmas board on Pinterest with everything from the crafts Kaley makes in the story to a few recipes. And steer wrestlers. If you like photos of tall, strong men, you might enjoy it!  Just click on the Wrestlin’ Christmas Board.

While you’re browsing through those pins, turn on your speakers and listen to the song I think of as Cort and Kaley’s…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0EtpEdZWZY&w=560&h=315]

You by Chris Young

Chris Young was my go-to choice for music while I wrote this story, so you might also enjoy listening to Who I am With You and Tomorrow.

Last but not least, book character sheets:

Cort McGraw

Kaley Peters

You can also find details about all my book characters here.

Hope you enjoy Cort and Kaley’s story! 🙂


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