Writing a Holiday Novel

I love the holiday season. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the feeling good cheer.

My preference during this wonderful season is to sit like a lazy slug as much as possible, eating Christmas cookies and doing as little as possible.

So, it may surprise you to learn instead of falling into my usual routine, I instead spent the last month writing a holiday novel for Christmas 2012!

The first draft was officially completed last night and I’m quite excited about it.

Branching out from my contemporary fiction writing, this story is set in the 1890s.

That in itself was a bit challenging for me. Despite the hundreds of novels I have read set in that time frame, writing about the minute details that add realism to the story and make it believable required a lot of research.

I’d be writing along and stop and ask questions like “would they have had that to eat?” “Had that been invented yet?” “How do you tie on a corset?”

Inquiring minds – at least mine- want to know!

I am grateful beyond words at how simple it is to research information online. If I questions the validity of a fact, I Google a few more sources and if they are all telling me the same thing, I go with the notion that majority rules.

Now, all I need to do is decide a name for the story…

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