Writing a Press Release

In addition to putting together a newsletter about my books being published this weekend, I also wrote a press release to send out to some media outlets.

Having written hundreds of press releases over the years, this should have been a piece of cake.

It wasn’t.

It was more like  a piece of dry cardboard coated with sawdust. Impossible to swallow or digest.

I can write about events happening, new features being introduced, staff being promoted with no problem at all. But writing about myself and something I’ve done? Not so simple or easy.

Admittedly, I really struggled with it.

I finally did some researching online to see how other book press releases read. One site I found of great value was Book Press Release. There were oodles of examples to look through and pilfer ideas from. I forced myself to sit down and write. Eventually, after hours of tinkering, I had something that passed as readable.

If you’ve never written a press release before, there is a great step by step how to guide on wikihow.

Remember to keep your press release factual, engaging and concise. If you do that, you can’t go wrong.


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