Writing Retreats

Among my goals for 2024, is to give myself the gift of writing retreats. I’m not necessarily planning to run away to the woods and hide in a cabin until I finish writing a book (although that does hold some appeal as long as CC comes along to wait on me hand and foot. Ha!)

I’m thinking more along the lines of giving myself a week of dedicated time when I basically unplug from social media and the rest of the world and just intently focus on writing. And if CC waits on me hand and foot, even better!

In the month of November, I wrote more than 200,000 words. It was a lot. I was exhausted. I was sure I was writing garbage not worth reading (which happened to be my Christmas Letters series). The point of my rambling is that sometimes, I need the intense focus of doing nothing but writing to be able to write.

So, I’m hoping at least once a quarter throughout the year, to give myself at least four days in a row when I “retreat” and write like crazy.

How about you? Do you ever feel the need for a retreat to let your creative juices flow?

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2 Responses

  1. Love this Shanna! But speaking of running away to write. Have you ever been to the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport OR? It’s totally booked themed B&B. It’s on my list to go to. A friend of mine has gone and loved it!

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