Writing Your Emotions

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if you can think of it, sit down and record your emotions while you’re feeling them.

Even a few random notes will give you something to draw from for your book characters.

Capture how a certain emotion makes you feel both mentally and physically. It is so much easier to write about it while you’re feeling it, giving you an authentic¬† experience later, than to try and recall how you felt when you may in fact be feeling something entirely different.

Like right now, I’m livid beyond belief at something some person I’ve never met has done to wreak havoc in my little world. You better believe I’ll be recording down how it’s making me feel, what it’s making me think, for later use.

Grab that pen and jot a few notes while feelings and thoughts are fresh in your mind. You’re characters will thank you for it later!

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