You’ve Got to Want It

Brian Tracy shared this quote on Facebook and I had to repost it.

I love it.

Partly because it makes me feel motivated. Partly because it is so absolutely true.

Whatever “it” is that you want, you have to want it a a level that is so intense, so deep, so basic, it is part of who you are, what keeps you going.

When I was in direct sales, we heard “You’ve Got to Want It” all the time. The reason we heard that phrase so frequently is because you really do have to want it. You have to want to succeed so  badly that you are willing to sacrifice, to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

That sort of passion, that type of commitment isn’t something a lot of people understand.

The majority of people are just fine coasting along, taking whatever life hands them. Oh, they might complain about it, wish for something different, but most of them aren’t willing to do what it takes to change their course or pursue their dreams. They have excuses for everything and can whip those out at random, listing all the reasons it’s too hard, too difficult, too whatever to do what it takes to chase down success and hang on with both hands.

So to the minority out there who keep their sites set on their goals, who are in tune to their dreams and make the choice daily to walk the path of success, my hat is off to you.

Just like breathing, one breathe at a time, your dreams will become reality and you will succeed.

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